Airport in Brindisi

Salento Airport

From Papola Casale, Brindisi’s small airport, there are domestic flights to Rome, Naples and Milan. The airport is served mainly by Alitalia, AirOne and Myair. There are also direct flights from London Stansted with…
Bus in Brindisi

STP Brindisi

Buses go to Ostuni (€3.20, 50 minutes, frequent) and Lecce (€6.30, 35 minutes, nine daily) as well as towns throughout the Salento. Most leave from Via Bastioni Carlo V, in front of the train station.
Bus in Brindisi

Buses for Costa Morena

Show your ferry ticket to ride this bus from the train station and old ferry terminal with Costa Morena. It departs two hours before boat departures.
Bus in Brindisi


From Brindisi airport: three buses a day to Bari Airport (€10, 1¾ hours); nine buses a day to Lecce (€7.50, 40 minutes).
Ferry in Brindisi

Grimaldi Lines

Frequent year-round ferries to Igoumenitsa (€37, nine hours) and Patras (€37, 17 hours) in Greece.
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Runs to Rome's Stazione Tiburtina (€39.50 to €40, 6½ to 8½ hours, four daily) from Viale Arno.
Ferry in Brindisi

Red Star Ferries

Sails each day from Brindisi to Vlorë in Albania (€42 with car, five hours).
Bus in Brindisi