Museum in Brindisi

Museo Archeologico Provinciale Ribezzo

This superb museum covers several floors with well-documented exhibits (in English), including some 3000 bronze sculptures and fragments in Hellenistic Greek style. There are also terracotta figurines from the 7th c…
Cathedral in Brindisi


This 11th-century cathedral was substantially remodelled after an earthquake in 1743. You can see how the original Romanesque structure may have looked by studying the nearby Porta dei Cavalieri Templari, a fanciful…
Museum in Brindisi

Palazzo Granafei-Nervegna

A 16th-century Renaissance-style palace named for the two different families who owned it. The building is of interest because it houses the huge ornate capital that used to sit atop one of the Roman columns that ma…
Architecture in Brindisi

Porta dei Cavalieri Templari

After the Romans, the next big event to hit Brindisi was the Crusades during the 12th and 13th centuries. The Porta dei Cavalieri Templari, an exotic-looking portico with pointy arches, is all that remains of the Kn…
Church in Brindisi

Tempio di San Giovanni al Sepolcro

The Knights Templar's secondary church is a square brown bulk of Norman stone conforming to the circular plan the Templars so loved.
Monument in Brindisi

Roman Column

The gleaming white column above a sweeping set of sun-whitened stairs leading to the waterfront promenade marks the imperial Via Appia terminus at Brindisi. Originally there were two columns, but one was presented t…
Monument in Brindisi

Mussolini Fountain