Museum in Brescia

Museo delle Armi Antiche

The Museo delle Armi Antiche has an extensive collection of vintage weaponry.
Museum in Brescia

Santa Giulia

The jumbled Monastero di Santa Giulia and Basilica di San Salvatore is Brescia's single-most intriguing sight. Inside this rambling church and convent complex, the Museo della Città houses collections that run the g…
Museum in Brescia

Civico Museo del Risorgimento

The Civico Museo del Risorgimento is dedicated to the history of Italian unification.
Ruins in Brescia

Tempio Capitolino

Brescia's most impressive Roman relic is this temple built by Emperor Vespasian in AD 73. Today, six Corinthian columns stand before a series of cells. Guided tours (50 minutes, hourly) reveal authentic decorations,…
Church in Brescia

Duomo Vecchio

The most compelling of all Brescia's religious monuments is the 11th-century Duomo Vecchio, a rare example of a circular-plan Romanesque basilica, built over a 6th-century church. The inside is surmounted by a dome …
Cathedral in Brescia

Duomo Nuovo

The Duomo Nuovo was begun in 1604 but wasn't finished until 1825. Repeated alterations over the centuries make it a bit of a mishmash; the lower part of the facade is baroque; the upper part showcases the classical …
Castle in Brescia


Brescia's historic centre is dominated by a hill, Colle Cidneo, crowned with the rambling castle that for centuries was at the core of the city's defences. Torre Mirabella, the main round tower, was built by the Vis…
Museum in Brescia

Museo Mille Miglia

The original Mille Miglia (Thousand Miles) ran between 1927 and 1957 and was one of Italy's most legendary endurance car races – it started in Brescia and took some 16 hours to complete. The race's colourful museum …
Ruins in Brescia

Roman Theatre

At the height of the Roman era the theatre of Brescia (then Brixia) could seat 15,000 spectators. The surviving ruins are now somewhat overgrown; find them at the end of cobbled Vicolo del Fontanon.
Museum in Brescia

Beatles Museum

Curiously, a Beatles Museum dedicated to George Harrison.