Top Choice Tower in Bergamo

Torre del Campanone

Bergamo's colossal, square-based Torre del Campanone soars 52m above the city. It still tolls a bell at 10pm, the legacy of the old curfew. Taking the lift to the top of the tower reveals sweeping views down onto th…
Top Choice Gallery in Bergamo

Accademia Carrara

Just east of the old city walls is one of Italy's great art repositories. Founded in 1780, it contains an exceptional range of Italian masters. Raphael's San Sebastiano is a highlight, and other artists represented …
Top Choice Museum in Bergamo

Palazzo del Podestà

In this superbly imaginative seven-room museum a rich range of audiovisual and interactive displays tell the story of Bergamo's Venetian age. Expect animated maps, high-tech re-creations of printing typefaces and a …
Gallery in Bergamo

Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

The modern works by Italian artists displayed here include pieces by Giacomo Balla, Giorgio Morandi, Giorgio de Chirico and Filippo de Pisis. A contribution from Vassily Kandisky lends an international touch.
Cathedral in Bergamo


Roman remains were discovered during renovations of Bergamo's baroque cathedral. A rather squat building, it has a brilliant white facade. Among the relics in a side chapel is the one-time coffin of the beatified Po…
Basilica in Bergamo

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

Begun in 1137, the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore is quite a mishmash of styles. To its whirl of Romanesque apses (on which some external frescoes remain visible), Gothic additions were added. Influences seem to c…
Fortress in Bergamo

La Rocca

This impressive fortress is dominated by a round tower that dates from Bergamo's days as a Venetian outpost. La Rocca houses part of the city's history museum, and is surrounded by a park with lovely views over lowe…
Chapel in Bergamo

Cappella Colleoni

The Cappella Colleoni was built between 1472 and 1476 as a magnificent mausoleum-cum-chapel for the Bergamese mercenary commander Bartolomeo Colleoni (c 1400–75), who led Venice's armies in campaigns across northern…
Church in Bergamo

Chiesa di San Michele al Pozzo Bianco

This church is home to an entire Lorenzo Lotto fresco-cycle devoted to the Storie della Vergine (Stories of the Virgin Mother; 1525).
Church in Bergamo

Chiesa del Santo Spirito

Look for the Venetian-inspired countryside and colour palette that defines Lorenzo Lotto's Pala di Santo Spirito (1521), where the Madonna sits beneath a garland of energetic winged putti (cherubs).