Top things to do

Landmark in Baunei & the Altopiano del Golgo

Il Golgo

Follow the signs from Baunei up a 2km climb of impossibly steep switchbacks to the plateau, then continue 6km north on pavement before taking the signposted turn-off for the final unpaved 1km to Su Sterru (Il Golgo)…
Sardinian in Baunei & the Altopiano del Golgo

Locanda Il Rifugio

Managed by Cooperativa Goloritzè, this converted farmstead puts on a generous spread of regional fare such as ladeddos (potato gnocchi) and spit-roasted kid and suckling pig, washed down with local Cannonau red. Aft…
Church in Baunei & the Altopiano del Golgo

Chiesa di San Pietro

Standing lonesome on the Golgo plateau amid ancient olive trees, this humble late-16th-century church with its striking whitewashed facade is flanked by cumbessias – rough, open stone structures that traditionally h…
Bar in Baunei & the Altopiano del Golgo

Bar Su Porteddu

High on the Altopiano, this simple bar with a huge parking lot opposite the trailhead for Cala Goritzè makes a welcome stop for morning cappuccinos or afternoon snacks. There are also basic camping facilities if you…
Pizza in Baunei & the Altopiano del Golgo

Bar-Pizzeria Pisaneddu

Just north of town, the brightly lit front terrace of this roadside eatery makes a festive spot to linger over wood-fired pizzas after a long day on the trail.