Top Choice Archaeological Site in Metaponto

Tavole Palatine

The remains of the Temple of Hera – 15 columns and sections of pavement – are Metaponto's most impressive sight. They're known as the Tavole Palatine (Palatine Tables), since knights, or paladins, are said to have g…
Top Choice Museum in Matera

Casa Noha

Buffing itself up for its European Capital of Culture status in 2019, Matera opened this brilliant multimedia exhibit in February 2014. Hosted in several rooms of a 16th-century family home, it relates the sometimes…
Historic Site in Matera

Palombaro Lungo

Being a troglodyte city, much of Matera's beauty is obscured in caves or underground, including this giant cistern, which is, arguably, as magnificent as a subterranean cathedral. Lying under the city's main square …
Top Choice Church in Matera

Chiesa San Pietro Barisano

Below this church is an ancient honeycomb of niches where corpses were placed for draining, while at the entrance level are 15th- and 16th-century frescoes. The empty frame of the altarpiece graphically illustrates …
Statue in Maratea

Statue of Christ the Redeemer

The symbol of Maratea and viewable from multiple vantage points along the coast is this 22m-high statue of Christ with his arms outstretched (completed in 1965). Slightly smaller than the similar Christ the Redeemer…
Church in Venosa

Abbazia della Santissima Trinità

At the northeastern end of Venosa, the abbazia (abbey) was erected above the Roman temple around 1046 by the Benedictines and predates the Norman invasions. Within the complex is a pair of churches, one unfinished. …
Museum in Matera

Museo della Scultura Contemporanea

Housed in Palazzo Pomarici, MUSMA is a fabulous contemporary sculpture museum. The setting – deeply recessed caves and frescoed palace rooms – is extraordinary and the works themselves absorbing. You can also book a…
Castle in Matera

Castello Tramontano

Situated on a hill near the town centre, the 15th-century castle was left unfinished after the unpopular Count Tramontano was killed by Matera's townsmen after leaving the cathedral. Didn't he realize bedding every …
Archaeological Site in Metaponto

Parco Archeologico

Not to be confused with the Tavole Palatine, the Parco Archeologico is a larger, if less impressive collection of Metaponto ruins that contains the remains of a Greek theatre and the Doric Tempio di Apollo Licio.
Cathedral in Matera


Set high up on a spur between the two natural bowls of the sassi, the subdued, graceful exterior of the 13th-century Puglian-Romanesque cathedral makes the neobaroque excess within all the more of a surprise. The or…