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Discover Matera Walking Tour

Join this amazing walking tour to discover beautiful Matera, which will be a European Capital of Culture in 2019.
2 hours
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Italian Hands-on Cooking Class in Matera

Learn the secrets of the authentic Italian cuisine and its genuine ingredients through our private hands-on cooking classes in Matera. Get to know the Italian and local culture through its food and wine; chat and have a glass of wine during the cooking lesson and relax while you dine. You’ll cook 4 traditional dishes that you can easily reproduce at home and enjoy the masterpiece you’ve just learned to prepare!
4 hours
Walking & Biking Tours

Guided Tour of Italy's Sassi di Matera: Parco della Murgia Materana - Murgia Materana Park

Join your expert guide on this 3-hour guided tour of the Italian province Materana, with the first stop at the Archaeological Historical-Natural Park of the Rupestrian Churches of Matera. In the Murgia Park, there are 150 rupestrian churches, different in architecture and iconography, made mostly in the Middle Ages. These churches now represent an important evidence of human presence, in particular relation to the Benedictine monks, Lombards and Byzantines. The Murgia plateau acts as a natural backdrop to this scenario where you will walk on a paleosol of prehistoric fossil-rich rangoli that transports visitors on a journey through time and space.
3 hours
Walking & Biking Tours

Guided Tour Sassi di Matera: I Due Sassi and the Rupester Churches

Guided Tour Sassi di Matera: The Two Stones and the Rupester Churches. Enjoy a guided tour conducted by a licensed guide and discover the beauties of this breathtaking place which is part of the UNESCO world heritage. This tour will give you the chance to see with your eyes the set places of Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion (2004). At the end of the tour, taste of local products, included in the price.
2 hours
Outdoor Activities

Pollino National Park Photo Workshop Adventure from Naples and Rome

Take your camera and capture stunning scenery at the village and lifestyle of the mountain of Basilicata region, Italy's beautiful uncontaminated region. Frame mountain top ancient trees and wild nature as we hike through Pollino National Park. Photograph the unique scenes playing with light by making of each moment a personal view. Enjoy truffles hunting, water trekking, hiking, and traditional Basilicata cusine along with  autoctona specialities of Lucania.This tour is designed for photographers of all levels, an opportunity to make the most of your passion. Your flexible day program allows you to capture great images (landscapes, close-up, portraits) to build your portfolio or simply get more experienced by sharing views with others by talking-edit-and-critique session.
1 day
Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Matera Invisibile - Casa Noha Entry Ticket

Casa Noha is located in the center of Matera. Within its walls you can experience a multimedia-journey in the history of Matera's sassi (stones). An extraordinary explanation of the sassi from the prehistory until today, an absolute must for first-time visitors of the sassi!
30 minutes
Food, Wine & Nightlife

3-Day Matera Experience: Cooking Classes, Sassi of Matera and Alta Murgia National Park Visits

Discover Matera in a 3-day experience, including 2 special guided tours (of Sassi of Matera and of the Murgia Park) with a visit to a local farmers' market and 2 cooking class adventures. This Italian cooking break in Matera will get you to know the Italian and local culture through its places, locations, food and wine. The guided tours will allow you to discover a truly unique town, and, through the cooking classes, you’ll learn the secrets of the authentic Italian cuisine and its genuine ingredients.
3 days