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Top Choice Basilica in Bari

Basilica di San Nicola

Bari's signature basilica was one of the first Norman churches to be built in southern Italy, and is a splendid (if square and solid) example of Pugliese-Romanesque architecture. Dating to the 12th century, it was o…
Top Choice Osteria in Bari

Paglionico Vini e Cucina

Dishing up what the locals like since 1870, this 100% Barese osteria (casual tavern) is an absolute classic. There's no menu, just a chalkboard displaying what's cooking that day. It's all fine salt-of-the-earth Pug…
Castle in Bari

Castello Svevo

Roger the Norman originally built this castle, in the 12th century, over the ruins of a Byzantine structure. Later, Frederick II of Swabia built over the existing castle, incorporating it into his design and leaving…
Religious in Bari

Festa di San Nicola

The Festival of St Nicholas is Bari's biggest annual shindig, celebrating the 11th-century arrival of St Nicholas' relics from Turkey. On the first evening a procession leaves Castello Svevo for the Basilica di San …
Archaeological Site in Bari

Museo del Succorpo della Cattedrale

This subterranean museum beneath Bari cathedral reveals well-preserved remnants of an ancient Christian basilica and various Roman ruins. This fascinating hodgepodge of archaeology includes parts of a 2nd-century Ro…
Puglian in Bari

Maria delle Sgagliozze

Octogenarian Maria dispenses the legendary Barese street food sgagliozze (deep-fried polenta cubes) from the front of her house. Sprinkle them with a pinch of salt and Bob's your uncle!
Wine in Bari

Enoteca Vinarius de Pasquale

Stock up on Pugliese drops such as Primitivo di Manduria at this gorgeous old wine shop, founded in 1911.
Food & Drinks in Bari

Il Salumaio

Breathe in the delicious smells of Puglia's best produce at this venerable delicatessen.
Cathedral in Bari


Built over the original Byzantine church, the 12th- to 13th-century Romanesque cathedral, dedicated to San Sabino, is technically Bari's most important church, although its fame pales alongside San Nicola. Inside, t…
Puglian in Bari

La Locanda di Federico

With domed ceilings, archways and medieval-style artwork on the walls, this restaurant oozes atmosphere, and a quiet (justified) confidence in its classic Pugliese fare. The menu is proudly studded with regional sta…