Top Choice Carnival in Mamoiada


Mamoida stages the island's most boisterous Carnevale celebrations. These kick off in mid-January with the Festa di Sant'Antonio Abate, and climax on Shrove Tuesday and the preceding Sunday (February or early March)…
Top Choice Carnival in Mamoiada

Festa di Sant'Antonio Abate

Bonfires rage throughout Mamoiada for two nights starting on 16 January as half-human, half-animal mamuthones parade through the streets – clad in sheepskins and shaking heavy bells – accompanied by white-masked, re…
Carnival in Barbagia

Shrove Tuesday in Ottana

The village of Ottana, near the geographic centre of Sardinia, is home to some of the island's most dramatic carnival celebrations, rivalling those of Mamoiada. Shrove Tuesday festivities here culminate in a parade …
Religious in Orgosolo

Festa dell’Assunta

You’ll catch Orgosolo at its best during the Festa dell’Assunta (Feast of the Assumption) on 15 August, when folk from all around the Barbagia converge on the town for one of the region’s most colourful processions.
Food & Drink in Aritzo

Sagra della Carapigna

This two-day mid-August festival celebrates Aritzo's famous carapigna, a tangy lemon sorbet with origins dating back to the early days of commercial ice production in the surrounding mountains.
Religious in Barbagia

Festa dell'Incoronazione della Madonna di Gonare

Horse races, singing and dancing mark this lively religious festival, held every year between 5 and 8 September at the important pilgrimage site of Santuario di Nostra Signora di Gonare, a grey buttressed 17th-centu…
Cultural in Gavoi

L'Isola delle Storie

A rare success story, L’Isola delle Storie has gone from strength to strength since it was inaugurated in 2003. For four days in early July, the village of Gavoi is transformed into an outdoor stage, hosting reading…
Food & Drink in Barbagia

Sagra del Torrone

Forget Easter eggs: on Easter Monday, Tonara (in the Barbargia di Belvi region) gorges on the region's deliciously nutty local torrone (nougat).
Food & Drink in Aritzo

Sagra delle Castagne

On the last Sunday of October, people crowd Aritzo's streets to sample chestnuts, live music and shows.