Barbagia attractions

Area in Orgosolo

Corso Repubblica

WWII, the creation of the atomic bomb, the miners strikes of the Iglesiente, the evils of capitalism, women’s liberation – Orgosolo is a giant canvas for emotionally charged graffiti. The majority of murals line the…
Museum in Mamoiada

Museo delle Maschere Mediterranee

Get a firsthand feel for Mamoida's carnival at this small but engaging museum. The three-part exhibit starts with a film that allows you to vicariously experience carnival preparations such as the making of masks an…
Basilica in Fonni

Basilica Santa Maria dei Martiri

At Fonni's highest point is the imposing 17th-century Basilica della Madonna dei Martiri, one of Barbagia's most important baroque churches. Surrounded by cumbessias (pilgrims’ huts), it’s famous for a revered image…
Museum in Barbagia

Museo Nivola

The main reason to make a stop in the grey, sleepy village of Orani is the Museo Nivola. This museum celebrates the original sculpture and sand-casting techniques of Costantino Nivola, the son of a local stonemason,…
Historic Building in Aritzo

Sa Bovida

Just off the main drag is this chilling 16th-century prison, built of dark grey schist stone and used as a maximum-security facility right up until 1936. New prisoners, duly manacled, were lowered into the lone cell…
Church in Gavoi

Chiesa di San Gavino

In Gavoi village centre, the Chiesa di San Gavino was built in the 16th century to a Gothic-Catalan design, as evidenced by the plain red trachyte facade and splendid rose window. From the piazza outside the church,…
Museum in Aritzo

Ecomuseo della Montagna Sarda e del Gennargentu

Newly expanded and relocated to Aritzo's town park in 2016, this ethnographic museum has rooms full of tools and artefacts from the rural, mountainous Gennargentu region.
Winery in Sorgono

Cantina del Mandrolisai

The Cantina del Mandrolisai, a significant local wine producer, is famous for its beefy reds. You are more than welcome to taste the wines before you buy.
Church in Aritzo

Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo

The Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo retains little of its early Gothic origins. Inside, you’ll find an 18th-century pietà and a 17th-century portrait of San Cristoforo. Across the road from the church is a viewpoint…