Top Choice Palace in Lazio

Palazzo Farnese

In Caprarola, 20km southeast of Viterbo, this lordly 16th-century palazzo is a true Renaissance wonder. It features a distinct pentagonal design and, inside, an internal circular courtyard and extraordinary columned…
Top Choice Castle in Puglia

Castel del Monte

You'll see Castel del Monte, an unearthly geometric shape on a hilltop, from miles away. Mysterious and perfectly octagonal, it's one of southern Italy's most talked-about landmarks and a Unesco World Heritage Site.…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Western Sicily

Ruins of Selinunte

The ancient Greek metropolis of Selinunte was built in the 7th century BC on a promontory overlooking the sea, and over two and a half centuries became one of the world's richest and most powerful cities. Destroyed …
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Western Sicily

Ruins of Segesta

One of western Sicily's must-see attractions, the ruins of Segesta straddle a lonely hilltop less than an hour from Palermo and Trapani. The archaeological site's centrepiece, just uphill from the ticket office, is …
Gallery in Milan

Hangar Bicocca

To the north-east of the city centre is this stunning, multipurpose exhibition space of Hangar Bicocca, in a vast industrial site that once was the heart of the Pirelli company’s operations. Its smartly curated temp…
Museum in The Veneto

Museo Canova

Antonio Canova was Italy’s master of neoclassical sculpture. He made marble come alive, but mastery didn’t always come easy: you can see Canova’s rough drafts in plaster at the Gipsoteca, in a building completed by …
Park in Lazio

Parco dei Mostri

At Bomarzo, 17km northeast of Viterbo, is a 16th-century pocket of weirdness that will entertain children and adults alike, the Parco dei Mostri. The gardens of the Palazzo Orsini is peopled by ancient gigantic scul…
Museum in Northwestern Italy

Museo dell’Olio

Church in Trentino & South Tyrol

Chiesa di Sant’Eusebio

Museum in Lazio

Museo Territoriale del Lago di Bolsena

Housed in the 13th-century Rocca Monaldeschi at the top of the steeply stacked historic centre, this museum showcases a small collection of locally unearthed archaeological artefacts.