Sardinian in Arzachena


Hidden in granite mountains brushed with olive, myrtle and mastic trees, this stazzu (Gallurese stone-built country house) has a delightful garden terrace where you can settle in for a full-blown Sardinian feast, fr…
Sardinian in Arzachena

La Vecchia Costa

An old-time local standby with hit-or-miss service, this big, open-plan restaurant keeps it affordable, with authentic fare such as lorighittas (twisted, ring-shaped pasta) in porcini-lamb sauce and malloreddus (Sar…
Italian in Arzachena

La Terrazza

Wood-fired pizza and cracking seafood are the hallmarks of this popular eatery. Locals come here to grab a bite to eat and chat with the pizzaiolo (pizza-maker) while out-of-towners sit down to huge helpings of fres…