Top Choice Church in Aquileia

Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta

The entire floor of the Latin cross-shaped basilica, rebuilt after an earthquake in 1348, is covered with one of the largest and most spectacular Roman-era mosaics in the world. The 760-sq-metre floor of the basilic…
Museum in Aquileia

Museo Archeologico Nazionale

A daunting number of statues, pottery, glassware and jewellery, all locally excavated, are displayed in this museum, representing one of northern Italy's most important collections of Roman-era treasures.
Roman Site in Aquileia

Porto Fluviale

Scattered remnants of the Roman town include extensive ruins of the Porto Fluviale, the old port, which once linked the settlement to the sea. Also free to visit are the partially restored remains of houses, roads a…
Museum in Aquileia

Museo Paleocristiano

Part of the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, this museum houses Early Christian–era mosaics and funerary monuments gathered from the surrounding ruins.