Osteria in Ancona

La DegOsteria

Snag a window seat at this excellent, cleverly named osteria and leave little doubt to your whereabouts: You'll practically dine on top of the Romanesque Chiesa di Santa Maria della Piazza. Between rustic clapboard …
Osteria in Ancona

Osteria del Pozzo

Unless you've booked ahead, you'll be lucky to grab one of the cheek-by-jowl tables at this inviting osteria teeming with regulars. Spot-on seafood – generous helpings of pasta (seabass ravioli is a good bet), a bea…
Italian in Ancona

Ristorante Gino

Locals swear by the stoccafisso all'anconetana, Ancona's local specialty, at this old-school anconetano joint across from the railway station. Other local delicacies pop up here as well, such as fish lasagna and bro…
Market in Ancona

Mercato delle Erbe

Going strong since 1926, this market hall does a brisk trade in fresh produce, pastries and bread, cheese, salumi and other picnic goodies.