Seafood in Amalfi

Marina Grande

Run by the third generation of the same family, this savvy beachfront favourite serves fish so fresh it's almost flapping. It prides itself on the use of locally sourced organic produce, which, in Amalfi, means supe…
Seafood in Amalfi

Lo Smeraldino

Situated west of the centre, on the waterfront overlooking the fishing boats, this inviting blue-and-white beachside restaurant was founded in 1949. As well as crisp-based pizzas, this is a good place for fancy riso…
Seafood in Amalfi

La Taverna del Duca

Grab a chair on the square at this popular fish restaurant. Specials vary according to the catch of the day but might include carpaccio di baccalà (thin strips of raw salted cod) or the Campania-esque scialatielli a…