Top Choice Seafood in Amalfi

Marina Grande

Run by the third generation of the same family, this beachfront restaurant serves fish so fresh it's almost flapping. It prides itself on its use of locally sourced organic produce, which, in Amalfi, means high-qual…
Trattoria in Amalfi

Trattoria Il Mulino

A TV-in-the-corner, kids-running-between-the-tables sort of place, this is about as authentic an eatery as you'll find in Amalfi. There are few surprises on the menu, just hearty, honest pastas, grilled meats and fi…
Italian in Amalfi

Ristorante La Caravella

The regional food here recently earned the restaurant a Michelin star, with dishes that offer nouvelle zap, like black ravioli with cuttlefish ink, scampi and ricotta, or that are unabashedly simple, like the catch …
Trattoria in Amalfi

Il Teatro

Superb no-fuss trattoria tucked away in the atmospheric backstreets of the centro storico (Via E Marini is reached via Salita delgi Orafi). Seafood specialities include pesce spada il teatro (swordfish in a tomato, …
Cafe in Amalfi

La Pansa

A marbled and mirrored 1830 cafe on Piazza del Duomo where black-bow-tied waiters serve a great Italian breakfast: freshly made cornetti and deliciously frothy cappuccino.
Seafood in Amalfi

La Taverna del Duca

Grab a chair on the square at this popular restaurant with its fishy reputation. Specials vary according to the catch of the day but might include carpaccio di baccalà (thin strips of raw salted cod) or linguine wit…
Italian in Amalfi

Le Arcate

On a sunny day, it’s hard to beat the dreamy location: at the far eastern point of the harbour overlooking the beach, with Atrani’s ancient rooftops and church tower behind you. Huge white parasols shade the sprawl …
Seafood in Amalfi

Lo Smeraldino

Situated west of the centre, on the waterfront overlooking the fishing boats, this inviting blue-and-white beachside restaurant was founded in 1949. As well as crisp-based pizzas, this is a good place for fancy riso…
Italian in Amalfi

Da Maria

Just off Piazza del Duomo, at the beginning of the main pedestrian thoroughfare, this cavernous place attracts a dedicated crowd ranging from off-the-yacht Neapolitans to coachloads of tourists. But don’t be put off…
Yoghurt in Amalfi


This place specialises in local dairy produce, including wonderful fior di latte mozzarella made from cows’ milk. The main draw, however, are the decadently creamy and delicious homemade yogurts, with flavours inclu…