Agostino Marogna

Jewellery in Alghero

Coral has long been harvested in the waters off the Alghero coast (the aptly named Riviera del Corallo) and transformed into jewellery. Agostino Marogna is one of Alghero's finest coral shops, selling a dazzling range of jewellery, from delicate gold brooches to ornate necklaces with smooth blood-red beads. Prices start at around €100.

Marogna's necklaces often take years to create. To make one smooth red ball results in nearly 60% wastage and as there is only a certain amount of coral available each year, staff often have to put their work on hold until the next season. They then have to find exactly the same shade and quality of coral. Such necklaces can cost up to €30,000.