Eating out is a joy in Alghero. There are a huge number of restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias and takeaways, many in the historic centre, and standards are generally high. Menus feature the full range of Sardinian staples, but seafood is the star. A local speciaity is Catalan-style lobster, aragosta alla catalana, served with tomato and onion.

Fish on the Menu

Something to look out for when ordering lobster (aragosta) or fish at a restaurant is that most menus give the price of fresh fish per gram (or per etto – 100g), not for the dish as a whole. If in doubt, check with the waiter and ask to have the fish weighed before ordering.


You can stock up on picnic supplies, fresh meat and fish at Alghero’s daily market near Torre Porta a Terra. Otherwise, there’s a Euro Spin supermarket by the Giardini Pubblici.