Top Choice Church in Alghero

Chiesa di San Francesco

Alghero's finest church is a model of architectural harmony. Originally built to a Catalan Gothic design in the 14th century, it was later given a Renaissance facelift after it partially collapsed in 1593. Inside, i…
Top Choice Tower in Alghero


Of more interest than the interior of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria is its striking campanile (bell tower). Accessible through a Gothic doorway on Via Principe Umberto, this tall octagonal tower – the one you see ri…
Top Choice Historic Site in Alghero

Sea Walls

Alghero's golden sea walls, built around the centro storico by the Aragonese in the 16th century, are a highlight of the town's historic cityscape. Running from Piazza Sulis in the south to Porta a Mare and the mari…
Cathedral in Alghero

Cattedrale di Santa Maria

Overlooking Piazza Duomo, Alghero’s oversized Cattedrale di Santa Maria appears out of place with its pompous neoclassical facade and fat Doric columns. An unfortunate 19th-century addition, the facade was the last …
Tower in Alghero

Torre Porta a Terra

Near the Giardini Pubblici, the 14th-century Torre Porta a Terra is all that remains of Porta a Terra, one of the two main gates into the medieval city. A stumpy 23m-high tower known originally as Porta Reial, it no…
Museum in Alghero

Museo Diocesano d’Arte Sacra

This museum of religious art, in the former Oratorio del Rosario, houses religious artefacts from the Cattedrale di Santa Maria, including silverware, statuary, paintings and woodcarving.Look out for the ghoulish re…
Tower in Alghero

Torre di San Giovanni

An impressive medieval tower now used to stage temporary art exhibitions.
Museum in Alghero

Museo del Corallo

Housed in a Liberty-style villa, this museum is dedicated to Alghero's coral fishing and artisanal jewellery traditions.
Fort in Alghero

Forte della Maddalena

To the north of the old town, the Bastione della Maddalena, with its like-named tower, forms the only extant remnant of the city's former land battlements.
Piazza in Alghero

Piazza Civica

Just inside Porta a Mare, Piazza Civica is Alghero’s showcase square. In a former life it was the administrative heart of the medieval city, but where Spanish aristocrats once met to debate affairs of empire, touris…