Top Choice Modern Piedmont in Alba

La Piola

Part of the Ceretto family's small empire, La Piola offers a faithful menu of traditional Piedmontese dishes but at the same time manages to be stylish, modern and relaxed (let's put it down to sprezzatura – the Ita…
Osteria in Alba

Osteria dei Sognatori

Menu? What menu? You get whatever's in the pot at this dimly lit place. Munch on the theatrically large breadsticks while you wait for an array of antipasti to arrive, then try and keep up as the dishes mount up. Wa…
Gastronomy in Alba

Piazza Duomo

Enrico Crippa's Michelin-starred restaurant is now in its second decade and considered one of Italy's best. Dreamlike frescoes by Francesco Clemente fill the fleshy pink dining room, which is otherwise a bastion of …
Osteria in Alba

Osteria della Rosa Rossa

Traditional trattorias serving dishes made with snails include Osteria della Rosa Rossa. Advance reservations are required.
Pastries in Alba

Golosi di Salute

Pastry chef Luca Montersino is known throughout northern Italy for his biscuits, cakes, tarts and spreads that variously avoid gluten, dairy or sugar; these days his produce is available as far afield as New York. H…