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Top Choice Archaeological Site in Agrigento

Valley of the Temples

Sicily's most enthralling archaeological site encompasses the ruined ancient city of Akragas, highlighted by the stunningly well-preserved Tempio della Concordia (Temple of Concordia), one of several ridge-top templ…
Top Choice Ruins in Valley of the Temples

Tempio della Concordia

One of the best-preserved ancient Greek temples in existence, the Temple of Concordia has survived almost entirely intact since it was constructed in 430 BC. It was converted into a Christian basilica in the 6th cen…
Top Choice Gardens in Valley of the Temples

Giardino della Kolymbetra

In a natural cleft between walls of soft tufo (volcanic rock), the Giardino della Kolymbetra is a lush garden of olive and citrus trees interspersed with more than 300 labelled species of plants and some welcome pic…
Top Choice Museum in Valley of the Temples

Museo Archeologico

North of the temples, this wheelchair-accessible museum is one of Sicily's finest, with a huge collection of clearly labelled artefacts from the excavated site. Noteworthy are the dazzling displays of Greek painted …
Top Choice Modern Sicilian in Agrigento


For fine dining, head to this 'smart' restaurant just outside the historic centre. Five cute tables on little balconies offer a delightful setting to enjoy homemade pasta all'agrigentina (with fresh tomatoes, basil …
Top Choice Wine Bar in Agrigento

Caffè San Pietro

This hip new cafe serves excellent coffee, Sicilian wines and evening aperitivi, but what really sets it apart is the adjacent 18th-century San Pietro church, accessed through a doorway just beyond the bar. Beautifu…
Top Choice Seafood in Agrigento

Aguglia Persa

Set in a mansion with leafy courtyard just below the train station, this place is a welcome addition to Agrigento's fine-dining scene. Opened in 2015 by the owners of Porto Empedocle's renowned Salmoriglio restauran…
Ruins in Valley of the Temples

Tempio di Giove

The main feature of the western zone is the crumbled ruin of the Tempio di Giove. Covering an area of 112m by 56m with columns 20m high, this would have been the largest Doric temple ever built had its construction …
Ruins in Valley of the Temples

Tempio di Hera

The 5th-century-BC Temple of Hera is also known as the Tempio di Giunone (Temple of Juno). Though partly destroyed by an earthquake in the Middle Ages, much of the colonnade remains intact, as does a long altar, ori…
Cafe in Agrigento

Caffè Concordia

Since 1948, this simple cafe has been a local favourite for its delicious almond milk, made with fresh-ground local almonds, sugar, water and a hint of lemon peel.