The Charms of Florence, Villas, Gardens & Prosecco

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Surround yourself with the beautiful nature outside the city center of Florence. Visit rich villas with incredible gardens & interesting stories. Discover the horticultural art of the city in a botanical garden & enjoy some prosecco “on the go” with an incredible view as a backdrop!

Discover more than just the city center of Florence, take the off the beaten track to the natural treasures that the city has hiding in plain sight. Visit beautiful gardens in splendid villas that used to be owned by some of the wealthiest families to ever live in Florence and are now home to museums & galleries. Take a breath of fresh air while you walk through green spaces blooming with local plants and flowers. Take a sip of prosecco while enjoying the view and listen to the incredible stories your favorite local has to share with you!  Florence is more than just what’s inside the small city center, but that’s something most visitors don’t get to discover. So, why not follow your favorite local outside the touristy path and discover the Stibbert Garden, a romantic place filled with grottoes, fountains, and a small neoclassical temple? Feel free to roam around this place, admire the collection displayed inside and uncover its hidden secrets! Catch a glimpse of the local daily life and explore the Baden Powell gardens, a place where local families love to enjoy a nice picnic. And feel the opulent vibes of Villa Fabbricotti, once inhabited by the infamous Strozzi family. Admire its beauty but remember, not everything that shines is gold! Behind this place, there are tons of historical gossip you need to know about. At the end of the villa, you’ll spot a small restaurant. Here, you’ll take a prosecco “on the go”! Take your drink to the garden of the villa and simply enjoy the view, this is the perfect way to admire the beauty of Florence! Gardens & flowers are also art and Florence were all into that, adopted these traits and created its own unique Horticultural Gardens. Follow your favorite local and discover the natural wonders planted in this place. This modern park is home to statues, a greenhouse with different plants varieties and a restaurant but what’s also worthy to know about this place is the peculiar story of the soul and operator of this place. Learn about a local character, Auntie Caterina and her one of a kind taxi! Her story will restore your faith in humanity!

What's included

  • Prosecco tasting
  • Private guide
  • Alcoholic Beverages

What's not included

  • Pick-up / Drop-off