The Best of Florence: Highlights & Hidden Gems Private Tour

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Discover all about Florence by visiting its main highlights & uncover its secret stories. Visit places frequented by the locals & on the must-sees, avoid the tourist crowds with a more intimate visit alongside a local. Enjoy a local lunch and tons of beautiful sights on this private 3 hours experience!

Florence is a city full of highlights, everywhere you walk has a history and a famous mastermind behind it. But what you don’t know is that there are some hidden corners in the city that hold secrets worth to be uncovered. With a mix of both, you can get a full picture of the true essence of the city.  The perfect place to show you the mix of highlights and hidden gems is the center and heart of Florence, Piazza della Repubblica. The place where everything started and where you’ll get an introduction into how Florence became the powerful mastermind during the Renaissance, of course with some local stories that you can’t find anywhere else. At Piazza del Duomo, you have Florence’s pride, its beautiful cathedral with its dome that rises high captivating the view of the city. Climb up the cathedral and enjoy a picture perfect view of Florence or wander through the museum inside, your savvy local can arrange everything you wish to visit & see. Here, you will learn why it took two centuries to finish Florence’s cathedral and the story behind the duomo. Like they say, good things take time and this masterpiece is proof of that!  Discover some hidden medieval gems, two well-preserved buildings full of history. One, a tower that has survived the many civil wars in between the families of Florence throughout the dark ages and the other, a building that helped as headquarters of an anonymously association created to help noble families that had fallen in disgrace and were to ashamed to ask for help.  Continue your interesting chat with your local host but now over antipasti and wine! Step where the locals grab lunch and feel like one of them. Immerse yourself in the nice atmosphere and conversation, and continue learning about Florence’s culture.  Now for a sight to behold, visit Piazza della Signora. This plaza has been the center of political events in Florence for centuries and with Palazzo Vecchio overlooking, you can be sure this place holds tons of interesting stories and secrets. Another highlights close from there, is Ponte Vecchio. A must-see when you are in Florence and an important piece throughout history, especially for the Medici family.  To keep the Medici’s history going, pay a visit to Piazza Pitti & the Pitti Palace. The Medici moved from Palazzo Vecchio to this palace and its here where their decadence happened and thanks to the last remaining Medici, Florence can share this beautiful place with its visitors.  Escape from the crowds into a lively and hip square where the locals like to chill. This square hides an interesting story that involves the famous artist Michelangelo. Want to hear all about it? Here you can even admire an original Michelangelo’s piece! Just follow your local guide and hear all the interesting stories they have to tell.

What's included

  • Private guide
  • Antipasti tasting
  • Wine tasting
  • Snacks
  • Alcoholic Beverages

What's not included

  • Meals
  • Pick up / Drop-off