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The Tower of Longonsardo was built between the 1577 and 1599. Made of granite blocks, the tower is 19 metres in diameter and it’s 11 metres high. There were no stairs in the tower (a rope ladder was used for a long time instead). In the middle of the main area, originally divided into three rooms, stands a big column that supports the vaulted ceiling. Moreover, there is still a basin dug into the rock, next to the south-eastern internal wall, that supplied the garrison with rainwater. In 1802 the captain Magnon took the leadership and solicited the King to create a new town. In fact the 12th August 1808 he founded the little town of Santa Teresa Gallura.
The Tower was comprised, presumably, of three rooms with irregular stone paving, covered by a vaulted ceiling supported by a central column; latorre.jpgit is also possible to presume the existence of a wooden mezzanine. The Tower features a cistern (now clearly visible thanks to the restoration works) for the collection of rainwater, supplied by a canal (also visible) carved into the wall. A walkway protected by sidewalls permitted easy access around the top of the surrounding walls.The central construction was surrounded by a perimeter wall (still visible in some areas) that extended towards the north, turning towards the east to return to the Tower.Ancient residents of Santa Teresa Gallura recall the existence of a subterranean passage that arrived at the coast, cemented over following the construction of the sewage network.The Tower, demilitarised like many others in 1867, became a playground for local children who challenged one another to climb down a rope into the cistern or climb up the tower.The monument, renovated and re-valorised by the Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno e Turismo of Santa Teresa Gallura, now stands as the image of the area’s history and culture.

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