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Rome in a Golf Cart really is a great idea, its perfect for kids and person with walking issues. Wandering Rome and her most beautiful treasures we see The Vatican, St Peters Sqaure, The Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Ancient Roman sites, The Spanish Steps and many of the almost famous places not yet known to you.  This is a kid friendly tour also established to address the needs of Disabled tourists. We Offer More Time More access Better Story Telling Guides This is the original Golf Cart Tour invented by me Sean T O Salaigh
oilent EmpireThis golf cart tour is especially appreciated for it's brutal truth about how any empire becomes an empire in the first place, trust me they don't get there through acts of kindness and good will.  After seeing The Hunger Games I realized from the onset that this film was based on. Ancient Rome! They enslave the world, we all work hard to pay it up to them while they live a life of luxury, insulated from any sense of reality while they lead through tyranny and fear. Then once a year they bring us into an arena so that they can enjoy the spectacle of watching their slaves murder each other and animals in the most brutal way. The more blood the better.  During this tour we visit sites in which we especially focus on the atrosities committed by Popes, rich Roman "respectable" families, emperors, Kings, bishops, and the goths when they sacked Rome.  This is dark and seedy Rome, and it's  unusually honest.

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