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Are you curious about the personal stories behind some of the most famous families in Florence? You should! Go on a storytelling tour full of drama, conspiracies and tragic love stories while you stroll the city visiting famous squares and hidden gems. Your local has the juiciest stories!

This is not your regular tour of Florence’s history. This private experience is for those curious minds that love secrets, conspiracies, drama and love stories with tragic endings. Discover Florence behind the scenes, with local gossip and amazing storytelling provided by your favorite local. Most of the squares in Florence have a juicy story behind them and according to their name you can get an idea of what that story was about. Like Piazza Strozzi, that tells the story of the renowned Strozzi family, the archenemy of the Medici family. While strolling the square your local guide can tell you everything about the feud between these families.  Want to hear the story of why the poppy flower became the symbol of the Bartolini Salimbeni family? Here’s a little sneak peek, it involves Bartolini Salimbeni and a sneaky trick he pulled that helped his family get rich. Let’s see if you can spot the poppy flowers embedded on the walls! At this same square, there are two other palaces of some of the wealthiest families in Florence. The Buondelmonti family was one of them and they have a story involving a severe punishment, justice, and conspiracies, too good to be missed!  Curious about why Piazza Limbo got that name? Or want to know about the dark past of Piazza della Signora? You’ll hear all about it in this private tour full of local gossip! And this experience wouldn’t be complete without the family that stirred up a lot of drama in Florence, the Medici’s. Hear why this powerful family extinguished and the tragic love story between Francesco I and Bianca Capello. Were they poisoned? Find out more thanks to the storytelling skills of a local.

What's included

  • Private guide
  • Local stories

What's not included

  • Hotel pick-up / Drop-off