Blood & Sand Arena, with Night Tour

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A once in a lifetime opportunity to stand in the most famous ancient arena in the world, at night while seeing the reenactment of the 8 years of the construction of the pagan arena of death. Our tour starts at Trajans column, where your guide will walk the group down Via dei Foro Imperiale explaining to you the history of The Roman Forum, The Palatine Hill and the humble beginnings of The Eternal Citys origins.  After which you will have VIP access to the Gladiators Arena through the "Gate of Death" where you will get to stand on the arena floor and watch Virtual Reality re-inactments of the years leading up to the build of the Colosseum, and the 100 days of celebration that occurred after, group sizes tend to be small, because there is limited spots,for this incredibly unique Roman experience.
Join us for our limmited incredibly special Evening Gladiator Arena Tour. We start at Trajans Column where you will meet your guide, the group will then walk down the infamous Via dei Foro Imperiale, built by Mussolini himself to grant easier access to the most famous arena to ever exist, The Colosseum. You will be filled in on the rich history that has haunted the Palatine Area, from the founding of the Roman Forum , the Vestile Virgins house to the victorious Arch of Tidus.After this you will enter the Colosseum through the " Gate of Death" onto the Arena floor, the restricted area of the Colosseum, where you will see re-inactments in Virtual Reality of Battles and the story of the inception of the Colosseum from 72-80AD and the 100 days of celebration thereafter,lasting 30-45 minutes.If you have to take your eyes of the battlefield for a minute make sure its to look at the stars above you in the night sky, as you enjoy an unforgettable night inside the Colosseum.

What’s included

  • Professional guide

What’s not included

  • Gratuities