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Visit one of the richest and most complete archaeological collections in Italy and Europe. The National Archaeological Museum in Naples is the most important museums in the world for classic archaeology.See artifacts from Ancient Greece and Rome on a 2-hour guided tour by a certified archaelogical Guide. Marvel at relics from the ruins of nearby Pompeii, explore the legendary Farnese collection of Greek and Roman antiquities, and more.

- Enjoy a guided tour of the Naples National Archaeological Museum, located at the northwest corner of the city’s original Greek wall. - The 2-hour tour will introduce you to one of the world’s greatest archaeology collections, including extraordinary masterworks of art discovered in Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabiae, Oplontis, and related villas.- At its core is the Farnesian collection of sculptures and other objects, such as the mosaic of Alexander the Great from the House of the Fauno in Pompeii. - Visit the famous Secret Cabinet whit all the erotic fines from Pompeii.- See silvers from the House of Menandro in Pompeii, and a number of Roman frescoes excavated from the Vesuvian area.- Wander the gallery containing the Farnese Collection to admire the legendary statues of Hercules at rest, as well as 2 Tyrannicide and the majestic group called “Toro Farnese.” - Your guide will explain the use of everyday objects, most notably the beautiful silverware from the Houseof Menandr and the so called “Blue Vase” from a tomb in Pompeii.

What's included

  • Guidance and assistance for the entire duration of the visit

What's not included

  • Meals
  • Transportation