Best restaurants in Upper Galilee & Golan

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    Renowned for its flavoursome steaks, chops and hamburgers (250g to 750g), made from Golan-raised, 1½-year-old calves and lambs. Also serves vegetarian lasagne and Salokiya boutique wine (red/white per glass 42/32NIS), made right on the premises. Situated at the far northern end of the Industrial Zone next to the fire station, 1km past the Golan Heights Winery.

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    HaBokrim Restaurant

    Opened in 1989, this veteran meatery is famed for its mouth-watering Golan-raised steaks (sirloin and entrecôte) and hamburgers, and also serves fish, vegetarian gnocchi, Bazelet beer on tap and a good selection of children's meals. Golan wines cost 25NIS per glass. Kosher, so Friday dinner is a buffet.

  • Restaurants in Golan Heights

    Golan Brewhouse

    Endowed with a circular wooden bar and panoramic windows, this popular pub-restaurant serves Golan-raised steaks, hamburgers, chicken, fish, salads, veggie mains, soups (winter only) and some damn fine Bazelet microbrews. The Brewhouse Beer Sampler (14NIS) gets you a whisky tumbler of each of the Brewhouse's four beers (an amber ale, a pilsner, a Doppelbock and a wheat beer), brewed in the copper vats in the corner. Most of the time a seasonal beer is also available. For 48NIS you can sample 200ml of each and munch on olives and sauerkraut.

  • Restaurants in Golan Heights


    Hugely popular with locals, this brightly lit, sparklingly clean place serves both Middle Eastern favourites (grilled meats, hummus, eggplant dishes, tabouleh) and Western standards (pasta, pizza, soups, salads). It's a good idea to reserve ahead. Situated 300m up the hill, towards Mt Hermon, from the Narjis Hotel. Wheelchair accessible.

  • Restaurants in Golan Heights

    HaMakolet Shel HaRusim

    Run by a couple from Uzbekistan, this seven-day-a-week 'Russian' grocery sells bread, cheeses, lox, matjes herring and wines, including many products from the former USSR. The beers on offer include Baltika (from Russia) and Obolon (from the Ukraine). Does not carry fruits and vegetables. Open Shabbat.

  • Restaurants in Golan Heights

    Coffee Anan

    This mountain-top eatery serves sandwiches, salads, homemade cakes, bourekas, shakshuka and ice cream. Named in honour of former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, once in charge of the UN troops on patrol down below; in Hebrew, the name also means ‘cafe in the clouds’.

  • Restaurants in Mt Meron


    Circassian specialities at this family-run restaurant include majmak (cooked lentils, eaten with pita), shush barak (ground-veal-filled dumplings served in light tomato soup), kulak (chickpea-filled dumplings, served with yoghurt), halozh (pastry filled with Circassian cheese and deep-fried in olive oil) and mataza (dumplings filled with Circassian cheese and green onions, served with yoghurt). Situated 4.5km north of the Ramat Dalton Industrial Park.

  • Restaurants in Golan Heights

    Abu Jabal

    Serves up some of the Golan's tastiest Arab pastries. Look for a red-and-white sign with Hebrew and Russian lettering.

  • Restaurants in Golan Heights

    Co-op Shop

    Picnic supplies for a hike or Shabbat. Situated 100m east of Merkaz Eitan commercial centre.

  • Restaurants in Mt Meron


    Israel's only 100% spelt bakery has delicious bread, crackers, cookies and snacks.

  • Restaurants in Golan Heights

    Abu Zeid

    Sells scrumptious Arab desserts. The sign has pink Hebrew lettering.