Tsfat restaurants

Top Choice Vegetarian in Tsfat

Elements Cafe

Serving wholesome food that nourishes both body and soul, this cafe offers a menu that's 100% vegan and gluten-free, a healthful, positive vibe and reasonable prices. Specialities include soup, pizza, homemade sauer…
Top Choice Israeli in Tsfat

HaAri 8

When the mayor has VIP guests, this is where he brings them. Specialities include grilled meats, steak and Moroccan pastry 'cigars', and fish. Vegetarian options include fresh salads, soups, pasta, quiche and grille…
Italian in Tsfat

Gan Eden

Renowned for scrumptious antipasti, super-fresh salads and oven-baked fish, prepared under the supervision of chef Rafi; and for fabulous desserts, many of them chocolate-based, made by his wife, pastry and bread ch…
Yemeni in Tsfat

Lahuhe Original Yemenite Food Bar

Decked out in a gown and kaftan that Abraham might have worn, Ronen flips pan-fried ‘Yemenite pizza’ called lachuch. Also serves Yemenite soup and qat (khat) juice, which is illegal in many Western countries but not…
Vegetarian in Tsfat

Tree of Life Vegetarian Cafe

If you’re in the mood for something healthy – chickpea flour and vegetable quiche, for instance, or açai berries with fruit, granola and chia seeds – LA-raised Feiga's tiny vegetarian eatery may be the ideal destina…
Supermarket in Tsfat

Rav-Hesed Supermarket

Head here for picnic supplies and self-catering at reasonable prices.