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Israel Railways (www.rail.co.il) runs a comfortable and convenient network of passenger rail services; details on departure times are also available from the Public Transportation Info Center (www.bus.co.il). Trains do not run from mid-afternoon Friday until after sundown on Saturday. Return tickets are 10% cheaper than two one-way tickets; children aged five to 10 get a 20% discount. Unlike buses, Israel's rail system is wheelchair accessible.

Israel Railway’s oldest line, inaugurated in 1892 and famously scenic, links three Tel Aviv stations with southern Jerusalem (23.50NIS, 1½ hours). The system's heavily used main line runs along the coast at least twice an hour, affording fine views of the Mediterranean as it links Tel Aviv with the following locations:

  • Haifa (32NIS, one hour)
  • Akko (41.50NIS, 1½ hours)
  • Nahariya (46.50NIS, 1½ hours)

Other useful services from Tel Aviv:

  • Ben Gurion Airport (16NIS, 18 minutes, at least hourly 24 hours a day except Shabbat)
  • Be’er Sheva (31.50NIS, 1½ hours, hourly)

A new train line is scheduled to open in April 2018 that will shorten the travel time between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to just 28 minutes, thanks to a US$2 billion high-speed rail line that will also serve Ben Gurion Airport. A rail line linking Haifa with Beit She'an opened in 2016.