Top things to do

Top Choice Gallery in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The ultramodern ‘envelope’ building by American architect Preston Scott Cohen is one of many reasons to visit this impressive gallery located on the eastern edge of the city centre. There's a huge amount to see here…
Top Choice Israeli in Tel Aviv

Orna and Ella

Effortlessly melding its serious gastronomic focus with a casual-chic decor and a neighbourhood vibe, this restaurant-cafe is beloved of locals for good reason. Seasonal, often organic, ingredients are used to excel…
Top Choice Club in Tel Aviv


In the Central Bus Station building, Block is known as Tel Aviv's best club for good reason, hosting big-name international DJs playing anything from funk, hip-hop and Afrobeat to drum ‘n’ bass, house and trance. Th…
Top Choice Market in Tel Aviv

Flea Market

In recent years, lots of energy has gone into giving Jaffa's Old City a tourism-triggered makeover, and the results are undeniably attractive. However, the real draw in this part of the city is considerably more dis…
Top Choice Middle Eastern in Tel Aviv

Ali Caravan

If hummus is a religion, then this could well be its Mecca. Also known as Ali Caravan, this tiny restaurant near Jaffa Port offers a limited menu of three hummus choices: plain, ful (with mashed and spiced fava bean…
Top Choice Theatre in Tel Aviv

Nalaga’at Centre

A unique nonprofit organisation set in a renovated shipping hangar, Nalaga’at (meaning ‘Do Touch’) is the only deaf-blind theatre company in the world. While watching a show here, it’s easy to forget that the people…
Top Choice Museum in Haifa

Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art

Founded by Felix Tikotin in 1957, this museum – unique in the Middle East – puts on superb exhibits of Japanese art.
Top Choice Museum in Haifa

Clandestine Immigration & Naval Museum

A lot more evocative and dramatic than you might expect, this museum showcases the Zionist Movement’s determined efforts to infiltrate Jewish refugees from Europe into British-blockaded Palestine from 1934 to 1948. …
Top Choice Jewish in Haifa

Ma'ayan HaBira

Founded in 1950 as a butcher's shop and sausage factory, this old-timer is famous for serving beer (thus the name) and Eastern European Jewish ‘soul food’, including jellied calf’s foot, gefilte fish, chopped liver …
Top Choice Middle Eastern in Ein Hod


Situated 4km up the hill from Ein Hod in Ayn Hawd, this family-run restaurant serves outstanding, authentic Arab cuisine. Set meals include salads, soup (often lentil) and a delicious main dish (in winter, made with…