Tiberias restaurants

Top Choice Israeli in Tiberias

Yisrael’s Kitchen

An 8km drive from Tiberias (take Rte 77 to Rte 7717), this rustic, family-run restaurant features local produce and warm, from-the-heart country cooking. Specialities include huge (500g) portions of Galilee-raised s…
Steak in Tiberias


Legendary for grilled meats – including filet mignon, baby lamb and goose liver (not force-fed) – that are prepared outdoors over a mixture of five kinds of wood: olive, citrus, cherry, walnut and eucalyptus. A wood…
Israeli in Tiberias


An unpretentious, old-time Mizrahi (Oriental-Jewish) restaurant featuring home-style grilled meats, soups (winter only) and a delicious array of stuffed vegetables, as well as Ashkenazi-style chopped liver, Iraqi-st…
Seafood in Tiberias

Galei Gil

Has tables on a romantic wooden deck overlooking the lake – the sea views are unbeatable. Eight varieties of fresh fish from the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean are available either grilled or fried, along with…
Market in Tiberias

Fruit and Vegetable Market

Some of the stall owners may be a bit, shall we say, uncouth, but the produce is top quality and cheap.
International in Tiberias

Little Tiberias

Serves fish (grilled, baked or fried), meat, seafood and pasta, on solid pine tables. Open Shabbat.
Fast Food in Tiberias

Baguette Levin

Specialises in shawarma and schnitzel on a baguette or in a pita. Open very late and on Shabbat.
Supermarket in Tiberias

Supersol Express

Small supermarket with picnic supplies and food for Shabbat.