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Most intercity buses stop at the 1970-style central bus station; some short-haul lines also stop along HaGalil St. Destinations:

  • Beit She'an (Superbus bus 28; 14NIS, 35 minutes, every 45 minutes Sunday to Thursday, hourly until mid-afternoon Friday and after sundown Saturday) Has stops along the southwestern coast of the Sea of Galilee.
  • Haifa-Merkazit HaMifratz (Egged buses 430 and 434; 21.50NIS, 1¼ hours, twice an hour except Friday afternoon to sundown Saturday)
  • Jerusalem (Egged buses 959, 961 and 962; 37.50NIS, 2¾ hours, every one or two hours except Friday evening to sundown Saturday) Buses 959 and 962 take Rte 6, bus 961 goes via Beit She’an and the Jordan Valley.
  • Katzrin (Rama buses 52 and 57; 14.50NIS, 35 to 50 minutes, a dozen daily except mid-afternoon Friday to sundown Saturday) Bus 52 goes via the Sea of Galilee's northwestern shore, including Capernaum, while slower bus 57 follows the lake's southeastern and eastern shores, passing by Ein Gev and Kursi National Park.
  • Kiryat Shmona (Egged buses 541 and 840; 27NIS, one hour, hourly) Passes by Rosh Pina.
  • Nazareth (Nazareth Tourism & Transport bus 431; 16NIS, one hour, hourly except Friday evening and Saturday before sundown) In Nazareth, some buses stop on the ring road, Rte 75, instead of on Paulus VI St.
  • Tel Aviv (Egged buses 836 and 840; 37.50NIS, 2¾ hours, at least hourly except mid-afternoon Friday to mid-afternoon Saturday)
  • Tsfat (Superbus bus 450; 14NIS, 37 minutes, every 40 minutes Sunday to Friday afternoon, three Saturday night)

Practical Tip: Around the Lake by Bus

On most Fridays and Saturdays in July and August, the free Kav Sovev Kinneret bus circumnavigates the Sea of Galilee – stopping at almost every beach – every two hours from 10am to 8pm. Check the website (; in Hebrew) for exact dates.


The Golan, the Galilee panhandle, Beit She’an, Nazareth and even Akko are an hour or less away. Tiberias is the best place in the Galilee to hire a car. Rental companies include Avis and Eldan.


The fastest way to get to Tel Aviv is to take a sherut from the parking lot just below the central bus station.


Tiberias’ taxi services include Moniyot Tveriya.