Religious Site in Tiberias

Tomb of Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNess

A complex of religious buildings has grown around the reputed burial place of Rabbi Meir Ba'al HaNess, a 2nd-century sage often cited in the Mishnah (ba'al ha-ness means 'master of miracles'). The tomb itself, with …
Religious Site in Tiberias

Tomb of the Rambam

Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon (1135–1204) was a Cordova-born polymath famous for his rationalist approach to religion and life (he was fond of quoting Aristotle). The nearby Maimonides Heritage Center has exhibits on the s…
National Park in Tiberias

Hamat Tveriya National Park

Back in Roman times the fame of Tiberias’ hot springs was such that in 110 CE the Emperor Trajan struck a coin dedicated to them – it depicted Hygeia, the goddess of health, sitting on a rock and enjoying the waters…
Church in Tiberias

St Peter’s Church

This rare Crusader church – administered by Koinonia Giovanni Battista, a Catholic community based in Italy – has a roof shaped like an upturned boat, a nod to Peter, a Sea of Galilee fisherman. The interior paintin…
Religious Site in Tiberias

Tomb of Rabbi Akiva

Rabbi Akiva, a leading Mishnaic sage (and teacher of Rabbi Meir Ba'al HaNess), played a major role in establishing rabbinic (ie post–Second Temple) Judaism. He was tortured to death by the Romans because of his sup…
Church in Tiberias

Church & Monastery of the Apostles

From the peaceful, flowery courtyard, steps lead down to the church, its air of mystery enhanced by gilded icons, brass lamps and elaborately carved wood. The three chapels are dedicated to the 12 disciples, Sts Pet…
Religious Site in Tiberias

Tomb of Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai

Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai, Judaism's most eminent 1st-century sage, played a central role in replacing animal sacrifices – the raison d'être of the Temple in Jerusalem, destroyed in 70 CE – with prayer. His grave sit…
Public Art in Tiberias

Tiberias Open Air Museum

A pedestrian park featuring creative modern sculptures. Some people's nostalgic favourite: a blow-up of a 1950s one-lira banknote. Situated along a walkway perpendicular to the shoreline.
Museum in Tiberias

Galilee Experience

On the upper floor of a 1970s monstrosity, the Galilee Experience screens a half-hour, Christian-oriented film on the history of Galilee.
Museum in Tiberias

Maimonides Heritage Center

Near the tomb of Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon (1135–1204; the Rambam, Maimonides), this centre has exhibits on the sage's life and writings.