South City Centre in detail

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If you're after epicurean staples like spices, dried fruits and olives – but Carmel Market seems too overwhelming to contend with – the Levinsky Spice Market is a much more manageable and slower-paced experience.

Local Experiences

  • Beaches While Tel Aviv's central beaches draw locals and tourists, those in the know stick to sands further south, including Alma Beach and Banana Beach.
  • Nightlife South Tel Aviv is the place to let loose at night. Bars along Rothschild Blvd are a big hit, but look behind more unassuming doors like to imbibe under the radar.
  • Dining Many fine restaurants litter the land south of the city centre, but locals congregate at the Great Synagogue to worship the culinary delights of its hip hotspots like Port Sa'id. For great seafood with a Mediterranean sunset view, head to Manta Ray.