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Top Choice Nature Reserve in Southern Golan

Yehudiya Nature Reserve

Both casual strollers and experienced hikers – especially those who aren’t averse to getting wet – will find plenty to engage and challenge them in this 66-sq-km nature reserve. Mammals you might encounter include g…
National Park in Southern Golan

Gamla Nature Reserve

The site of a thriving Jewish village during the late Second Temple period, Gamla dared to defy the Romans during the Great Jewish Revolt (66–70 CE) and as a result was besieged by Vespasian’s legions. Today, you ca…
Archaeological Site in Southern Golan

Umm Al Kanatir Synagogue

What's truly extraordinary about this 6th-century synagogue is that after it was destroyed in the great earthquake of 749 CE, the site, because of its remoteness, remained almost completely undisturbed until the 21s…