Israel’s hills and valleys burst into flower after the winter rains, making spring the ideal season to hit the hiking trails. Marked routes range from easy strolls for the whole family to multi-day treks requiring topographical maps.

Israel National Trail Israel's longest footpath links the Lebanese border with the Red Sea.

Ein Gedi Two spring-fed canyon oases are home to a profusion of plant and animal life.

Makhtesh Ramon Nature Reserve Hike through this vast desert crater, famous for its multicoloured sandstone.

Banias Nature Reserve Cool, burbling spring water tumbles over waterfalls and nourishes Edenic vegetation.

Yehudiya Nature Reserve Canyons, waterfalls and pools on the western edge of the Golan.

Jesus Trail Walk from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee.

En Avdat National Park A hidden spring-fed oasis deep in the Negev Desert.