Top things to do in Northern Golan

Top Choice Nature Reserve in Northern Golan

Banias Nature Reserve

The gushing springs, waterfalls and lushly shaded streams of Banias Nature Reserve form one of the most beautiful – and popular – nature spots in the country. The park has two entrances on Rte 99 that are about 3.5k…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Northern Golan

Nimrod Fortress

Built by Muslims in the 13th century to protect the road from Tyre to Damascus, Nimrod Fortress rises fairy-tale-like on a long, narrow ridge (altitude 815m) on the southwestern slopes of Mt Hermon. The work that we…
Middle Eastern in Majdal Shams


Hugely popular with locals, this brightly lit, sparklingly clean place serves both Middle Eastern favourites (grilled meats, hummus, eggplant dishes, tabouleh) and Western standards (pasta, pizza, soups, salads). It…
Pub in Majdal Shams

Green Apple Bar & Cafe

This Irish-style pub-restaurant, which could easily be in Chicago, has five beers, including Guinness, available on tap. Sometimes has live music on Thursday from 9pm. Situated next to the Narjis Hotel.
Pub in Majdal Shams


A simpatico spot for a beer (there are six on tap) or a bite (grilled meats, hummus, ravioli) to a soundtrack that is often mellow blues. Situated 50m east of the Narjis Hotel.
Desserts in Majdal Shams

Abu Jabal

Serves up some of the Golan's tastiest Arab pastries. Look for a red-and-white sign with Hebrew and Russian lettering.
Desserts in Majdal Shams

Abu Zeid

Sells scrumptious Arab desserts. The sign has pink Hebrew lettering.