Some of the Highlands' farms produce goat cheese that they sell and, in some cases, cook with. Midreshet Ben-Gurion, near Sde Boker, has a cluster of small eateries.

Gourmet Goats

The Negev Highlands have been supporting goats for thousands of years, so it should come as no surprise that gourmet goat farms have been appearing in recent years, often on or near the wine route.

Naot Farm Has 50 goats, a dairy (visitors are free to walk around; milking is at 6am and 3pm) and a shop selling homemade goat labneh (thick yoghurt), dulce de leche and French-style cheeses (180NIS to 200NIS per kg). Also sells local wines. The five cabins afford gorgeous desert views. Situated 3km south of Tlalim Junction, 400m west of Rte 40.

Kornmehl Farm Has a 60-goat dairy and a train carriage–shaped shack where you can admire the desert landscape while dining on a cheese platter, goat’s-cheese pizzas and calzones, and a refreshing homemade yoghurt drink. Situated 2.5km south of Tlalim Junction, on the east side of Rte 40.

Both these farms are 12km to 15km north of Sde Boker.