Top things to do in Mt Meron

Top Choice Arabic in Jish


Ensconced in two 19th-century stone houses, this atmospheric restaurant specialises in authentic Galilee-style Arab cuisine, including dishes made with freekeh (roasted green wheat). Owner Tony's other offerings inc…
Lebanese in Jish

Misedet HaArazim

Authentic Lebanese offerings include eight kinds of hummus, stuffed grape leaves, grilled meats, shishbarak (meat dumplings in yoghurt sauce) and sheikh al mahshi (courgette stuffed with ground beef and lamb and coo…
Winery in Ramat Dalton

Adir Winery

Adir has built a reputation for producing outstanding wines and equally good goat cheeses and for serving great dairy meals. Sampling three wines, four cheeses and the sublime goat's milk frozen yoghurt costs 35NIS.…
Vegetarian in Moshav Amirim

Bait 77

This cheerful little bakery and cafe, run by Melbourne-raised ex-hippie Joy and her son Ariel, specialises in light, healthy meals: soup, salad, quiche, pasta, pizza and focaccia, complemented with homemade cakes, p…
Winery in Ramat Dalton

Dalton Winery

Dalton produces some excellent, award-winning wines. Three or four of them can be sampled for 20NIS in a log-cabin-style tasting centre (the modern production facilities are across the car park). Forty-minute tours …
Circassian in Ramat Dalton


Circassian specialities at this family-run restaurant include majmak (cooked lentils, eaten with pita), shush barak (ground-veal-filled dumplings served in light tomato soup), kulak (chickpea-filled dumplings, serve…
Archaeological Site in Mt Meron

Bar’am National Park

Site of a well-to-do village from the 1st to the 7th centuries AD, Bar’am National Park is best known for its impressive Talmudic-period synagogue, solidly built of finely hewn limestone around 400 CE. At the top of…
Arabic in Moshav Amirim

El Galil

This restaurant – whose staff hails from the Arab village of Rama – specialises in veggie and vegan versions of Levantine culinary classics, including siniya (lentils baked with vegetables and tahini), menazali (egg…
Bakery in Ramat Dalton


Israel's only 100% spelt bakery has delicious bread, crackers, cookies and snacks.
Jewish Site in Mt Meron

Tomb of the Rashbi

Authorship of the Zohar, the most important work of Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), is traditionally credited to the 2nd-century-CE Jewish sage Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, who is often known by his acronym, the Rashbi (Ra…