Mt Hermon Ski Station

Skiing in Mt Hermon

The facilities at Mt Hermon look like a low-altitude, low-budget ski station in the Alps circa 1975, so be prepared to be greeted by cheesy, giant snowmen made of styrofoam. In good years, there are 30 to 40 ski days between December and March, not enough to meet demand, so the pistes are often crowded. In bad years, the pistes may hardly open at all.

The site has three blue (easy) runs, seven red (difficult) runs and two runs rated black (very difficult). The longest is 1248m, with a vertical drop of 376m; the highest begins at 2036m. To get you uphill, there are 11 lifts, including five chairlifts and five T-bars.

In addition to winter entry fees (paid at toll booths on the road up), costs include a ski pass (all day/afternoon 250/200NIS) and equipment rental, which can include skis (adult/child 140/120NIS), a snowboard (140NIS) and/or ski trousers or jacket (60NIS each).

Year round, once you're inside the site, you can generally stay until sundown.