Top Choice Park in Mitzpe Ramon

Makhtesh Ramon

Israel is a small country, but the Makhtesh Ramon is one place where it feels vast. Featuring multicoloured sandstone, volcanic rock and fossils, this geological phenomenon is 300m deep, 8km wide and 40km long and i…
Museum in Mitzpe Ramon

Ramon Visitor Centre

Perched on the makhtesh rim, this visitor centre operated by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority has an extremely helpful information desk providing information about the Makhtesh Ramon Nature Reserve, as well as …
Wildlife Reserve in Mitzpe Ramon

Bio Ramon

This tiny desert wildlife park located next to the visitor centre shows how nature can find a way to survive even in the harshest desert conditions. It offers an integrated approach to the geology, flora and fauna t…
Viewpoint in Mitzpe Ramon


Artists' Quarter in Mitzpe Ramon

Spice Route Quarter

Located on the northern edge of town, this cluster of hangars and warehouses was once used by the military but now houses artisanal factories, artists' studios, boutique hotels, cafes and a dance workshop. With a pr…