Top ChoiceArabic in Northwestern Shore


Subject of a glowing New York Times review in 2016, this 'chef's restaurant' features innovative 'Galilean Arab' cuisine that combines ingredients and recipes that chef Zuzu Hanna learned from his mother – in the...

Top ChoiceMiddle Eastern in Nazareth

Abu Ashraf

This old-time coffeehouse is famous all over town for its katayef (sweet pancakes folded over goat’s cheese or cinnamon walnuts and then doused with geranium syrup), coffee (a special mix of five kinds of bean...

Top ChoiceFusion in Nazareth


In a 200-year-old Ottoman-era mansion, this atmospheric restaurant – the songs of the legendary Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum are on high rotation – serves traditional Nazarene recipes with a Mediterranean twist....

Top ChoiceIsraeli in Tiberias

Yisrael’s Kitchen

An 8km drive from Tiberias (take Rte 77 to Rte 7717), this rustic, family-run restaurant features local produce and warm, from-the-heart country cooking. Specialities include huge (500g) portions of...

Middle Eastern in Beit She’an

Shipudei HaKikar

Widely acclaimed as Beit She'an's best place to eat. Excellent shish kebab is served with freshly baked laffa (flat pita) and is preceded by 18 super-fresh salads, including eggplant, hummus and tahina. If you're...

Steak in Eastern Shore


This homey meat restaurant – the name is a contraction of 'moshav' and 'kibbutz' – is renowned for its fabulous Golan-raised steaks, juicy burgers and creative salads as well as starters such as grilled aubergine...

Cheese in Northwestern Shore

Ein Camonim

Surrounded by Galilean brushland, this family-run ‘goat cheese restaurant’ serves up a gourmet vegetarian feast that includes eight to 10 kinds of Israeli- and French-style goat cheese, freshly baked bread,...

Steak in Tiberias


Legendary for grilled meats – including filet mignon, baby lamb and goose liver (not force-fed) – that are prepared outdoors over a mixture of five kinds of wood: olive, citrus, cherry, walnut and eucalyptus. A...

Israeli in Tiberias


An unpretentious, old-time Mizrahi (Oriental-Jewish) restaurant featuring home-style grilled meats, soups (winter only) and a delicious array of stuffed vegetables, as well as Ashkenazi-style chopped liver,...

Bistro in Mt Gilboa

Herb Farm on Mt Gilboa

For a hearty, country-style meal in a rustic setting, head to this family-run restaurant, which has both meat (Cornish hen, steak, lamb chops) and veggie/vegan options – as well as lovely views of the Jezreel...

Steak in Northwestern Shore

Tibi's Steakhouse & Bar

Run by renowned chef Chaim Tibi, this sleek restaurant – the architecture has an alpine-chalet vibe – specialises in steaks from the Golan but also has good options for vegetarians, such as salads and pasta....

Cafe in Kfar Tavor


This friendly cafe, delightful in every way, serves generous salads, shakshuka, quiche, pasta, hamburgers and boutique hot dogs, as well as gluten-free bread, baked goods and Tavor wines by the glass. Breakfast...

Greek in Nazareth


'Avra' means 'good atmosphere' in Greek, and that's exactly what this cafe-restaurant has, along with delicious Greek and Palestinian dishes and a soundtrack of traditional and modern Greek instrumental music....

Lebanese in Northwestern Shore

Ktzeh HaNahal

From the outside you’d never guess that this unassuming restaurant serves up a sumac-accented Lebanese feast. After a parade of 11 mezze, you might want to try shishbarak (meat-stuffed dumplings cooked in tangy...

Mediterranean in Nazareth


The wood-fired oven at this well-loved restaurant, adorned with antiques and wine bottles, turns out Arab- and Mediterranean-inspired dishes such as aubergine stuffed with pesto and cheese, as well as excellent...

Circassian in Kfar Kama


An informal restaurant featuring a 'Circassian meal' that includes halozh (pastry filled with Circassian cheese and deep-fried in olive oil) and mataza (dumplings filled with Circassian cheese and green onions,...

Cafe in Nazareth

Rose Mary

This convivial bistro-cafe serves French and Italian dishes prepared with top-quality ingredients and fresh Galilean spices. The house speciality is shrimp and calamari with garlic and arak sauce. Also serves...

Seafood in Tiberias

Galei Gil

Has tables on a romantic wooden deck overlooking the lake – the sea views are unbeatable. Eight varieties of fresh fish from the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean are available either grilled or fried, along...

Pastries in Nazareth

Mahroum Sweets

A family tradition since 1890, this pastry shop, which moved to a new location in 2017, is one of the best places in Israel for baklava and other syrup-soaked Arab pastries, as well as kunafeh and Turkish delight.

Pastries in Nazareth

Elmokhtar Sweets

A brightly lit sweets emporium that could be at home in Beirut or Cairo. It has a selection of mouth-watering baklava, superb kunafeh (a hot, thin, syrupy cheesecake) and homemade halva.