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Getting There & Away

Katzrin is the Golan’s only real bus hub. Rama buses head to virtually every part of the plateau (Ein Zivan has especially convenient services), as well as to Tiberias, Rosh Pina and Kiryat Shmona. Bus 57 follows the Sea of Galilee's eastern and southwestern coasts (including Kursi) on its way to Tiberias; bus 52 goes to Tiberias via the lake's northwestern coast (including Capernaum). To get to Neve Ativ, Majdal Shams and other places near Mt Hermon, you generally have to change in Kiryat Shmona (the only exception: twice-daily bus 87).

Long-haul Egged services include the following:

Haifa – Lev HaMifratz (bus 503; 37.50NIS, 2½ hours, four daily Sunday to Thursday, two on Friday)

Jerusalem (bus 966; 42.50NIS, four hours, one to three daily)

Tel Aviv – Central Bus Station (bus 843; 42.50NIS, 3½ hours, four or five daily Sunday to Thursday, one on Friday, one on Saturday)