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Getting There & Away

Reaching Jisr Az Zarka is easiest if you have a car, but it's also possible by bus. The road to Jisr Az Zarka, Rte 6531, is accessible from Rte 4 (the old Tel Aviv–Haifa Hwy) but not from Rte 2 (the new Tel Aviv–Haifa Hwy). The town is 4km north of Caesarea as the crow flies but 10km by road (via Rte 4).

Kavim bus 69 links Jisr Az Zarka with Binyamina's train station (12 minutes, four or five daily Sunday to Thursday, two Friday). Egged bus 872 connects Binyamina to Hadera's central bus station (30 minutes, eight daily, fewer Friday afternoon and Saturday), from where Egged bus 921 (two or three an hour) goes to both Haifa-Hof HaCarmel (16NIS, one hour) and Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station (16NIS, 1¼ hours). Hitchhiking is common, but as it's never totally risk-free, we don't recommend it.