Hula Valley attractions

Top Choice Park in Hula Valley

Agamon HaHula

These restored wetlands are one of the best places in Israel to see cranes, pelicans, storks and an incredible 400 other bird species. To cover the 8.5km path around the site, you can either walk or rent a mountain …
Top Choice Park in Hula Valley

Hula Nature Reserve

Migrating birds flock to the wetlands of Israel’s first nature reserve, founded in 1964. More than 200 species of waterfowl mingle happily with cormorants, herons, pelicans, storks and cranes, while water buffalo (j…
Archaeological Site in Hula Valley

Tel Hatzor

At Tel Hatzor, archaeologists have uncovered no fewer than 21 layers of settlement from the 3rd millennium BCE to 732 BCE, when the Israelite city that stood here – whose 10th-century-BCE gate may have been built by…