Top Choice Jewish in Haifa

Ma'ayan HaBira

Founded in 1950 as a butcher's shop and sausage factory, this old-timer is famous for serving beer (thus the name) and Eastern European Jewish ‘soul food’, including jellied calf’s foot, gefilte fish, chopped liver …
Top Choice Middle Eastern in Ein Hod


Situated 4km up the hill from Ein Hod in Ayn Hawd, this family-run restaurant serves outstanding, authentic Arab cuisine. Set meals include salads, soup (often lentil) and a delicious main dish (in winter, made with…
Top Choice Seafood in Akko (Acre)

Uri Buri

Uri Buri is a man of many talents who's done everything from spear fishing to diffusing bombs to founding the luxurious Effendi Hotel. But he's best known for making award-winning fish and seafood dishes – recommend…
Top Choice Ethiopian in Haifa

HaMis'ada shel Ima

Stepping into this utterly unpretentious eatery is like a quick trip to Addis Ababa. The spicy and lip-smackingly satisfying Ethiopian dishes are served – and eaten – with injera (spongy Ethiopian flatbread made wit…
Top Choice Mediterranean in Haifa


Nazareth-born chef Manhal Abu Muwara plucks culinary ideas from the Mediterranean to create dishes such as breaded mushrooms with goat cheese and feta filling, and Cordon Bleu–style chicken medallions stuffed with g…
Lebanese in Haifa


Dishes of Lebanese, French and Italian inspiration make this atmospheric restaurant one of the German Colony's most beloved dining spots. Specialities include sfeeha (pastries topped with minced beef, onions and pin…
Cafe in Haifa


There's nothing Chinese about this cosy cafe-bistro, whose wooden deck – along a garden path from busy HaNassi Ave – is a relaxing spot for salads, sandwiches and pasta, or breakfast (36NIS to 58NIS). The soundtrack…
Steak in Haifa


A carnivore's dream, this rustic courtyard grill house serves up hearty steaks and burgers and some tasty appetisers, including sirloin carpaccio (52NIS) and chorizo sausages. The top-quality beef comes from the Gol…
Felafel in Haifa

Felafel HaZkenim

For the best felafel you've ever tasted, bring your appetite to Felafel HaZkenim (opened 1950). Owner Afif Sbait greets every customer with a smile and a felafel ball dipped in hummus.
Cafe in Haifa

Café Nitsa

Founded in 1947 and hardly changed since, this tiny coffee shop serves Central European cakes, croissants, light sandwiches and fresh-squeezed orange and grapefruit juice (12NIS).