Top Choice Theatre in Tel Aviv

Nalaga’at Centre

A unique nonprofit organisation set in a renovated shipping hangar, Nalaga’at (meaning ‘Do Touch’) is the only deaf-blind theatre company in the world. While watching a show here, it’s easy to forget that the people…
Top Choice Performing Arts in Tsfat

Khan of the White Donkey

This pluralistic cultural centre hosts a variety of cultural, environmental and health-oriented community activities, including concerts (50NIS to 70NIS), open-mic jam sessions (20NIS, on some Thursdays at 9pm) and …
Jazz in Tel Aviv

Beit HaAmudim

As the great Herbie Hancock said: 'It's not exclusive, but inclusive, which is the whole spirit of jazz'. Tel Aviv's major live jazz venue shares his sentiment and welcomes a disparate crowd to its almost nightly gi…
Show in Beit She’an

She’an Nights

This after-dark multimedia spectacular in English or Hebrew brings alive the ruins with projected images but is not a satisfactory substitute for a daylight visit – it's too dark to read the signs and most of the si…
Stadium in Tel Aviv

Ramat Gan National Stadium

Home to Israel’s national soccer team and the UEFA Champions League games of Maccabi Tel Aviv and Haifa, this is the biggest stadium in the country, reached from downtown by bus 42 or 67.
Live Music in Haifa

Capoeira Angola Israel

The Saturday-evening roda (music and dance circle), open to the public, is an excellent way to get acquainted with capoeira (an Afro-Brazilian martial art).
Live Music in Tel Aviv


Local bands, many up-and-coming, have been playing this teensy venue for years. Check its Twitter feed for details.
Concert Venue in Haifa

Haifa Auditorium

One of Haifa's principal venues for ballet, modern dance and music, with more than 1100 seats.
Jazz in Mitzpe Ramon

Mitzpe Ramon Jazz Club

Mitzpe's only club hosts jam sessions on Thursdays and live sets on Fridays.
Live Performance in Tsfat

Shlomo Carlebach

Synagogue with sung prayers on Shabbat.