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Behind the charming sandstone artists’ studios is a dark past: residents of the former Arab village were driven out and re-established their community uphill in Ayn Hawd, which remains to this day. Whether as a day trip from Haifa or as a longer stay, a visit to Ein Hod and its surrounds is guaranteed to be thought-provoking.

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Hidden Beatuies of Israel - Carmel and Apollonia

 Today we shall pick you up at your Tel Aviv hotel and shall take you first to the top of Carmel Mount, a unique biosphere reserve, one of two in Israel. A biosphere reserve is a protected area in which the combination of nature preservation and continuous human activity coexist and interact, and Carmel Mountain presents the best combination of the two.  Our goal is a place called the Horn of Carmel, or Muchraka. By general belief, on this mountain summit dramatic battle between the Prophet Elijah and the priests of Pagan god Baal took place. From the open platform on the roof of the monastery a fascinating view of the Jezreel Valley, the Valley of Armageddon, unfolds before our eyes, half a kilometer beneath our feet.  From Muchraka we shall continue driving along the ridge of Carmel, through the Druze villages of Daliyat El-Carmel and Isfiya. Among all the variety of the Middle East nations and religions, the Druze is possibly the most mysterious and full of secrets. Along our way, we shall see the daily life of the local Druze community and shall discuss the history, the religion and the culture of these unique people.  We shall further start descending from the top of Carmel to the Mediterranean Coast. Our next stop will be the Artists Village Ein Hod. Established in 1953, Ein Hod is tremendously beautifully set on a hillside, surrounded by ancient olive groves, with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. Here we shall walk from one artist gallery to another, through the Village Art Museum and the Museum of Marcel Yanko, a world famous Dadaist painter, and one of the forefathers of Ein Hod.  Finally, we shall descend to the coast and will drive along it to the South towards the beautiful town of Herzliya, to visit Crusade Fortress of Arsuf or Apollonia. At this site of once prosperous Roman town, a powerful fortress was built by the Crusades. Here, at a famous Battle of Arsuf the most famous Crusader Richard the Lion Heart won his great victory over the Moslem Sultan Salah ad-Din. The latest excavations discovered not only the Crusade fortress but also the remnants of once prospering Roman glass industry. Sitting on the top of the rock suspended over the Mediterranean coast, Arsuf is doubtlessly one of the most beautiful sites of Israel.  Finally, a short drive back to Tel Aviv will bring you to your hotel, and the rest deserved after the fascinating day.  

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